We will be limiting the capacity of this intimate and exclusive gathering and festival to 500 people

200 General, 50 Bronze, 50 Silver, 75 Gold, 75 4-Day Pass, 50 Day-Pass (each day)

General $250 - 7 day pass includes all day programs. (Lodging & Camping available separately)

Bronze $500 - 7 day pass includes all day programs & 2 meals at Colorado College. (Lodging & Camping available separately)

Silver $750 - 7 day pass includes all day programs, 2 meals at Colorado College, hot springs ticket and special events. (Lodging & Camping available separately)

Gold $1200 - 7 day pass includes all day programs, shuttles, 3 meals a day, special events/socials & lodging at Blazing Mountain (main festival site), hot spring ticket and event broadcast archive.

Four Day Pass $175 - Thursday to Sunday (No meals or lodging unless renting room at Blazing Mountain / available separately)

Day Pass $50 - Monday to Friday only (limited capacity)

Broadcast Link $50 - Watch any part of the week-long broadcast!

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Each day will feature exclusive content only available with this ticket.

Vending table $150 - Thursday to Sunday only (Presenters negotiable)
Contact Golden Road Productions 530-362-8264 or put vendor in subject box.


Food Availability

The Cloud Station Cafe - open from 8am to 4pm daily website

Elephant Cloud Health Market - open 8am to 7pm daily facebook page

Our Food is Art restaurant - open Thursday to Saturday, 11:30am to 8:30pm

The Mercantile grocery store - open 8am to 7pm daily (Closed Sundays) facebook page


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